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The Advocacy Partnership is so very pleased to be able to announce our latest work with Psaltcare, the Singapore branch of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance(DBSA).  This is a charity that we've been involved with for some time since we helped them reclaim their original site that they were locked out of and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them again.

Making Psaltcare visible and easy to find has been the number one priority that we've had on this project.

"At Psaltcare, we seek to do our part in promoting mental health and happiness.

We run various peer-led support groups to strengthen and sustain the recovery of those suffering from mental illness and addictions."


Psaltcare brings very accessible support closer to people in Singapore through the use of peer to peer support groups.  Psaltcare provides support, free of the stigma's associated with traditional institutions, or the fees associated with private clinics. Depression, Bipolar, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders ( ADD, ADHD), Anxiety and Addictions all fall within the scope of Psaltcare and their support groups.

"Through the Peer Support Groups sessions, we seek to inspire hope, raise self-esteem and help those affected see that there are possibilities to get through life one day at a time progressively moving towards their recovery goals."

Psaltcare will be adding more events to their calendar, so please do keep checking back with them, or register your interest.  These events are facilitated by people with their own stories who have gone on to in turn help others in recovery.

If you have a similar project that you'd like The Advocacy Partnership to help with please let us know. Bringing mental health services to more people are our priority, so contact us today if you need help reaching more people in this area.


About Brian Tancock

Brian is the founder of The Advocacy Partnership. Following a long career in international banking and risk management Brian developed a keen interest in promoting mental healthcare, raising awareness and reducing stigma.

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