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The most common thing I hear from my clients is:  I need to fill my rooms. I have rooms to rent to help others.

I also often hear from Psychotherapists and Counsellors that they are looking for somewhere good to work from. I need a counselling or therapy room to rent; they tell me.

  • Have rooms you want to rent out?
  • Looking for somewhere new to conduct your therapy sessions from?

So I got to thinking.  Shouldn't I be helping match people up?  Afterall, I know some very good Psychologists who have rooms that they will gladly rent to additional therapists to work alongside them.  Often these Psychotherapists are supporting a collaborative environment encouraging co-working where people learn and grow together. Sometimes this also includes the abilities to access the inbound clients and referrals, meaning a steady stream of new clients just because you work in-house.

So if you are looking for a new place with therapy or counselling rooms to rent, regardless of location let me know. I'll put you into direct contact with leading Psychologists who have vibrant communities they'd like to share with you.  The right location supported by strong peer support.  It's time to find a new space for your counselling sessions.   

Contact me via or fill out the contact form and I'll put you in touch with your new partner today. 

The Advocacy Partnership - helping Psychotherapists and Counsellors finding great places for counselling and psychotherapy sessions.



About Brian Tancock

Brian is the founder of The Advocacy Partnership. Following a long career in international banking and risk management Brian developed a keen interest in promoting mental healthcare, raising awareness and reducing stigma.

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