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Who Are We?

The Advocacy Partnership was founded in late 2015 as a result of the founder’s desire to make mental health care easier to find.  He realised that psychotherapists were too often shut away in office buildings, or in medical centres.  They still relied on either word of mouth or phone directories and listings to get business.   He aimed to change that.

Our Passion

Quite simply our passion is getting quality information to those that need it.  Psychotherapists, coaches and charities are all great providers of services and information.  But often it’s hard to find them.  Our passion is to make these people easier to find and to provide the bridges that link them up with either their potential clients or those wishing to learn more about mental health.

Our Approach

When considering your business we take as much care with it as we would our own. Protecting and growing your brand is at the heart of what we do.  We do this by understanding the objectives that you have for your business and then where appropriate aligning online services to them. Everything we do is constantly checked back against your objectives.  If a website, if your social media or even a post online isn’t supporting your objectives we question it.

Our Skills

Our background is risk management.  We are technologists and risk managers who have 30 years of experience working in high value, high-risk business. We understand processes, workflows and controls. This is at the core of what we do.  This benefits you by ensuring that your business becomes sustainable, reliable and isn’t built on anything more complex than it needs to be. Importantly your information is safe, and we do everything we can to ensure that you are in compliance with regulations and guidelines and that your technology is protected from virus, malware and hacking as it can be.

Our clients have noted our ongoing passion to support mental wellness.  It is pretty much all we do. We live and breath mental wellness.  We think like you do, we think like those that you are wanting to help. That’s what makes us different. Many can tell you how to market your business.  But we also write the content, we write it for ourselves, we write it because we have real experience of mental wellness.

The Advocacy Partnership is the right partner to help you grow your mental wellness or life coaching business.

The Advocacy Partnership

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The Advocacy Partnership

Developing strategy and growing Mental Health focused businesses. Increasing the visibility and effectiveness of therapists, counsellors, charities and coaches online.  Affordable Websites, Social Media, Online Booking, Payment and Video Counselling solutions.


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