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Counselling and Therapy Websites & Social Media

Entrust your Website and Social Media to Mental Health Specialists

If we were to guess what you needed to meet the objectives of your growing Psychotherapy and Counselling business we would say:

  • Reach more potential clients and have a stream of bookings to increase revenue and grow your business
  • Support on-going education and raising awareness of mental health

The Advocacy Partnership develop mental health focused businesses online

With a clear focus on mental wellness, we know exactly what you need to help your business thrive and to communicate with your potential clients.  We can help you reach your potential clients where they live online.

We will focus on the following for you, leaving you to focus on your clients’ needs:

  • Website design, hosting and development for Therapists and Counsellors.
  • Specialist Content Development and Article Writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation tailored towards Psychologists and Therapists
  • Social Media Development and alignment to your objectives (booking and education)
  • Online Booking, Payment, Confirmations and Intake Questionnaires
  • Online Counselling – Secure, Safe, High-Quality Video Counselling
  • Risk and Data Confidentiality Management including EU GDPR

Free Consultation – grow your counselling business online

Times are changing, making your Psychotherapy and Counselling business stand out from the crowd is becoming more difficult.  Being seen, and appealing to your potential clients is key to both your business success and helping more and more people.   Whilst it may look easy, you’ll find it can take far more of your time than you could imagine to do it right.

Let The Advocacy Partnership help you whilst you focus your time on what you do best.

Make informed decisions on your website and social media with The Advocacy Partnership.

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