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  • Mental Health Media Charter

    We’ve adopted the Mental Health Media Charter

    We've signed, will you? At The Advocacy Partnership, we are constantly writing content for ourselves and clients, as well as contributing to online discussion and debate on mental health. We are acutely aware of the need to use appropriate and responsible language to help support education and reduce stigma.  We've been impressed by the work being done and the support for the Mental Health
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  • Therapist Counselling Web Site and Social Media Design

    Entrust your Website and Social Media to Mental Health Specialists

    Our experience working with Psychologists and Counsellors shows that many know that their website and social media are important to gaining and sustain a strong client base and full appointment book. However so often they don't have sufficient time or experience to make it happen in a sustainable way. It's simply harder and more time consuming than you'd imagine. Let us take the strain,
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  • Counselling therapy rooms to rent, the advocacy partnership

    Renting rooms for Counselling and Therapy Sessions

    The most common thing I hear from my clients is:  I need to fill my rooms. I have rooms to rent to help others. I also often hear from Psychotherapists and Counsellors that they are looking for somewhere good to work from. I need a counselling or therapy room to rent; they tell me. Have rooms you want to rent out? Looking for somewhere new to conduct your therapy sessions
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  • Psaltcare - Website by the The Advocacy Partnership

    Our work: Psaltcare depression and bipolar support

    The Advocacy Partnership is so very pleased to be able to announce our latest work with Psaltcare, the Singapore branch of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance(DBSA).  This is a charity that we've been involved with for some time since we helped them reclaim their original site that they were locked out of and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them again. Making Psaltcare
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  • Mental Health - its time to change how we think

    Mental Health – Isn’t it time to give 25% of our friends, family and colleagues a break?

    If you looked at your staff, the people that come for interviews, your family and your friends, you would find that 1 in 4 (yes 25% of the population) fit into a WHO definition of those who will be impacted by a mental or neurological challenge at some point in their lives. Other than the split of the population of the world into male/female, this 1 in 4 group we are talking about is one
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  • GDPR | General Data Protection Regulation

    Is GDPR coming for you? Mental Health businesses in the EU need to act

    The forthcoming GDPR carries heavy penalties for breaches in the handling of personal data within the EU (including the UK post Brexit).  The Advocacy Partnership’s team share their thoughts and have some handy tips for you. The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) comes into law on 25 May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. Anyone who controls data and/or
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  • AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages Project Small Business

    Are you losing out on clients because of AMP?

    Are you keeping up with the latest requirements from Google? Do you need to? If you’ve been using Google recently, especially on your phone you may have noticed the curious letters AMP appearing in search results alongside a little lightening bolt. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project(AMP) AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it’s important because it's a project backed by Google. And
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  • Mental Welfare in the corporate workplace

    Leadership and good management is about managing key assets – Your People

    Many of us saw the recent news regarding Madalyn Parker taking a day off to manage her mental health and the positive response it earned from her boss.  Grant Griffiths updates us on the story below.  But have you wondered what you can do to help meet the demand of people and bosses responding to such stories?  As a corporate employer its time to review your culture and process and seek
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