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Grow Your Counselling Business In A Digital Era

If you are like most mental health counselling and therapy business that I work with, you’ll have two objectives at the fore of your mind:

  • Reaching out and empowering more people
  • Growing your business ( appointments & REVENUE )

If that’s the case, then the “Grow your Counselling business in a Digital Era” webinar is ideal for you and will provide you with the context you need to determine the next steps to achieving your goals. We’ll explain your options, and then suggest to you how others or even ourselves can help you quickly.

  • Growth

  • Awareness

  • Manage Risk

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Online Counselling

Everything you need to know to move to the next level

Your potential clients no longer “live” where you thought they did.

Your clients with anxiety, depression, and other challenges want to engage you in different ways.

Learn how to find and talk to them in our exclusive webinar

About the webinar

In this webinar, amongst other things we’ll look at:

  • The benefits to your business of embracing the Internet/Social Media
  • The benefits to your clients, plus any downsides and risks.
  • The options available to you to grow online
  • Building, Engaging and Retaining your audience with empathy and compassion
  • How your existing business practices may ignore or exclude some.
  • Online Video Counselling – the experience so far.
  • Booking & Payment
  • The downsides and alternatives to using Skype, Whatsapp etc
  • Changing your operating procedures to align to this new dynamic way of working
  • Regulation, Customer Confidentiality and Duty of Care

We’ll also show you how you shouldn’t feel guilty for adopting modern techniques to attract new clients, and how in doing so you’ll be increasing awareness and reducing stigma in the process.

What you will receive:

  • An invitation to the live webinar at the time slot you registered
  • Access to frequent updates on Mental Wellness practices in a digital era.

Who should attend:

We invite you to join whatever your level of experience or where you work. From businesses looking to grow, or professionals to set themselves up on their own. The techniques we’ll show you will benefit all levels of counsellor and therapist.

The webinar is aimed towards an international audience. The Webinar will be conducted in English.

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